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Create batches in Floriday

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You can add batches in Floriday. You can then offer these batches for direct sales, for example through batch prices, special offers or delivery from stock. You can also offer (remaining) batches for the clock.

Creating batches

  • Go to the menu on the left and click Supply > Stock to view your warehouses.

  • Click on the correct warehouse, i.e. the location from which the batch is sold.

  • Click on ‘Create batch’ and add the trade items you want to offer.

You can choose to display only trade items that are in season.

  • Choose the variant of the trade item (if applicable).

    • If Adjust trade item characteristics directly is active, you can edit trade item characteristics in stead of choosing variants.

  • Enter the number of units you want to offer and select the correct packing configuration.

  • The date at the top right indicates the day from which you offer this batch, and is set to today by default (see above).

Tip: When creating a batch, you can use composed lists. This way you can easily create the same batches again, without manually selecting them. To create a list, don't click on Save as list in the top right.

Next time you want to create a batch, you can use this list again by selecting it on the left hand side (2). The batches will be automatically selected for you and you're free to add or remove batches from the selection.

  • Once you're ready, click Confirm at the top right. The batches have now been created and we'll ask if you wish to price the batches or do this later. When pricing the batches, you'll be able to offer them to your customers with Batch prices in Floriday.

Tip: Once you’ve created a batch, you can set it so that you receive a notification if the stock falls below a certain quantity. This way, you can make sure that the trade item doesn’t run out. Click on the bell next to the trade item and enter the stock quantity for which you want to receive a notification.

Tip: In the batch log you can see what has been sold per item. Click on the three dots to the right of the trade item and select ‘Commercial batch journal’.

Oops… if you entered the wrong stock quantity, Don’t worry! Click on the three dots to the right of the trade item and select ‘submit correction’. Then enter the correct quantity and let us know the reason for the correction.

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