You can work with collections in Floriday. Collections provide you with a good overview of your products. For example, you can combine products from the same product group in a collection. You can also create collections based around a theme, such as Christmas, Mother’s Day or Easter. When you create your supply, you can select a collection each time and set a price for the entire collection in one go.

Please note: Collections are only visible within your account. That means that your colleagues can see the collections and work with them too. Buyers, however, cannot see the collections.

Creating a collection

  1. Go to Catalog > Trade items > collections
  2. Click the ‘Add collection’ button.
  3. Name the collection and add a description if you want.

Adding trade items to a collection

  1. Ga naar Catalog > Trade items
  2. When you hover your mouse over a product, a selection box will appear in the top left corner. Click this box. Select all of the products that you want to group in a collection.
  3. Now click ‘Set collection’ in the bottom right corner. Select the correct collection and click ‘Save’.

Tip: You can now filter by collection in the catalog. You will find a drop-down menu with all of your collections next to the search bar. 

Adding a new trade item to a collection straight away

  1. Start by adding the new trade item.
  2. Go to step 2 ‘Item details’ and immediately select the correct collection for the product.
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